GT Live @ The Britannia

Gavin Thomas who runs the GT Live session has created an awesome spotify playlist of many of the talented musicians who perform at the GT Live nights.

King’s Head – Open Mic

Last session of our Summer Season of Open Mic nights on King’s Road. There’s a perfect Players List line up, featuring: Tom Sherlock & Ella Schneider, Tom Kelma, Luke Edney, Scott Freeman, Beth Keeping, Callum Granger and Claudia Stark.

Britannia GT Sessions

GT Live Session At The Britannia, with special guests including: Goldsworth Gerry, Louise Coles, Dean McCaw, Reuben Gray, Tom Gortlerand ELTEL.

King’s Head – GT Open Mic

GT Open Mic Session at The King’s Head, including: Clayton Thomas, Benedict Quetzal, James Collins, Sophie Edmonds-Cromarty & Cameron Websdale, Jason Lake, Dragonfly Sky and Marcus Coyne.

King’s Head – M lens Trial

I’ve got a new camera on it’s way, a Leica M10 – I already have some M lenses that I’ve adapted to the SL until it arrives. So all these shots were taken with Leica-M manual lenses. Another great line-up of singers and song writers, with special guests including: Kian Lonergan-Curry, Paige Evans, Zena Deakin & Hussein El-Bahrawy, Cameron Brown, Mackenzie Hofberg, Zach…

Lowde Fest 2017

Thanks to Martin Lowde for inviting me to photograph this event!

Monkey World

Whilst it is a sanctuary for rescued monkeys, I do feel capturing the melancholy feel of the place isn’t for everyone.


A great energetic band at the Rushmoor Arts Hub scene


Doug, my colleague and friend, he too is into photography.


I’m very lucky to have a beautiful wife who supports my photography.

Comic Con May 2016

I love Comic Con, thousands of great costumes but never enough time to see them all! 

Birdworld Farnham

20 minutes drive from home and £10 entry, what a great place to have on my doorstep! Perfect for testing out my new camera.