Britannia GT Sessions

GT Live Session At The Britannia, with special guests including: Goldsworth Gerry, Louise Coles, Dean McCaw, Reuben Gray, Tom Gortlerand ELTEL.

King’s Head – GT Open Mic

GT Open Mic Session at The King’s Head, including: Clayton Thomas, Benedict Quetzal, James Collins, Sophie Edmonds-Cromarty & Cameron Websdale, Jason Lake, Dragonfly Sky and Marcus Coyne.

King’s Head – M lens Trial

I’ve got a new camera on it’s way, a Leica M10 – I already have some M lenses that I’ve adapted to the SL until it arrives. So all these shots were taken with Leica-M manual lenses. Another great line-up of singers and song writers, with special guests including: Kian Lonergan-Curry, Paige Evans, Zena Deakin & Hussein El-Bahrawy, Cameron Brown, Mackenzie Hofberg, Zach…