Soul Unplugged

Last night I had the great pleasure of working with Soul Unplugged, a new venture of the incredibly talented Sumantha McDutta. Sumantha describes the music of this 2-4 piece band as “Classic Soul Covers”. They hired me to provide some photographs of their performance at a special late night shop at the Squires Garden Centre – so for me, and for them, the unusual location provided some interesting challenges and opportunities.

Other than the desire to provide bands with high quality imagery, what I love about live music is getting to listen to music itself. Soul Unplugged performed many fantastic covers, from Jackson 5 to Bruce Springsteen – mood-lifting music. I’d have been singing along if I hadn’t lost my voice, probably just as well as Sumantha and co. sang it so much better.

Although some of the audience were enjoying their dinner along with the music, I was able to capture the few who couldn’t resist getting up to dance. I was able to fill the frame with people and convey the spirit of the evening. So the images are able to be used for promotion I ensured the audience are not able to be identified.

Soul Unplugged were such fun to work with and I hope they’re happy with the images too. Sumantha said “the results are brilliant. [You] didn’t have a great setting to work with but you’d never think it!”. I look forward to working with her again later in the year. Here are a few more of the images delivered to the client.


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