Our friends Lee and Lauren invited Gordon, Elizabeth, Louise and me to visit them in Munich. We are all part of a secret photographic society that meet on Monday nights in the Drummond (a pub in Guildford, shh!).

We had such great weather for the few days we were there, it was in November during the Autumn and the colours were magic!

Lee has been living in Munich for many months now, so we were privy to his invaluable insights when it came to transport and places of interest to visit. He planned a trip for us, out to the Eibsee lake, which took a couple of hours and multiple trains, a beautiful location on a beautiful day I don’t think we’d have ever seen without his guidance.

One of Lee’s suggestions, the underground stations of Munich which some are known for their colours and design. Louise and I took a walking tour of a few of them.

The Englischer Garten is a huge park in Munich, that is bigger than New York’s central park. A small channel of the Isar River runs through the park, in places the water is turbulent and there are frequently lines of people waiting to surf it. Lee tells me we found the ‘training one’, and there was another section which was bigger and perhaps more dangerous.

Louise and I did a lot of walking Munich, I was keen on the exercise following a bumper Halloween party with lots of leftover sweets. Here are just a small selection of images from our aimless wandering.

4 thoughts on “Munich”

  1. What a great blog. The feeling of the place shines through and I’m glad to hear you and Louise had fun exploring!

  2. Very nice selection of photos. I live 75km north east of Munich. So I know most of the places. I am part of your Facebook group and been following your Hasselblad purchase. Looks like a nice combo, q2 for wider angle and Hasselblad with 80mm lens (?)

    1. Thanks, here I had the Q2 and the original X1D with the 90mm lens, I do have the X1D II and XCD80 now. Looking back at Munich images, I am wondering if selling my Q2 for an M10 Monochrom is the best way forward. Oh the eternal torment!

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